Seanne N. Murray

Born in Detroit, raised in Westport, Connecticut and educated in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, Seanne N. Murray, otherwise known as “SNM, The Voice for Good" aspired to be a writer and a humanitarian from the early age of seven. She’s authored several publications including her first book, The Art of Submission, The Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment, a guide to mastering self-love, was an editor of the Political and Civil Rights Law Review at Temple University School of Law and her op ed piece on human trafficking was published by the Miami Herald. Since 2001, following the terror she endured on 9/11, she’s been devoted to exploring and understanding the interconnectedness, or oneness, as she calls it, of humanity. Seanne is the founder of Seanne N. Murray Enterprises, LLC, for media and social enterprise, 90 Minutes of Solutions for social change and The Ara Initiative for clean water. She chaired a panel on clean drinking water at Harvard Law School and is the writer, creator and executive producer of the upcoming feature film, Chicago 1919, as announced in Deadline Hollywood, featuring Rosanna Arquette and director, Julie Dash.


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