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90 Minutes of Solutions is a private incubator for social change where innovators are brought together to develop and implement solutions that move our nation forward.

Our mission is to privatize social change by identifying needs, rallying a team of influencers to developing solutions, formulating action plans and engaging all parties necessary for public and private activation.

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Feature Film

Announced in Deadline Hollywood


It was the summer of 1919. Soldiers were returning home from World War I, cities were thriving, populations shifted, combining different races and nationalities in urban neighborhoods. Unbeknownst to many, this time culminated in race riots, and, sadly, became dubbed Red Summer. Through the eyes of two young brothers, we see the story unfold...

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Clean Drinking Water For All

Our mission, duty and purpose is to provide universal access to clean water.

The Ara Initiative's solution-oriented efforts are focused on finding, developing and implementing innovative products, processes and technology for generating clean drinking water in the United States.

The United Nations has identified water as number 6 on its list of 17 sustainable development goals with an emphasis on achieving "universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all".


The Woman's Guide to Fulfillment


"One thing that has always perplexed me is that people say love yourself, but no one tells you how. 'Til now."

"Murray’s work is a refreshing and honest conversation you’ve been meaning to have with yourself."

"This is more than a book. This is awakening."

The Art of Submission, The Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment is an honest discussion about self-love, the choices we make throughout our lives and the road to a better life for everybody. Seanne shares experiences from her life conveying hard earned wisdom through heartbreak and experience. She’s says it is time we move away from #metoo to #iam and explore the joy of being ourselves every day without fear or limitation. “When your leash is limitless, satisfaction comes from within.”

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Reality Show

Dream House Blue is a human drama where the characters are exposed to and reveal the ups and downs of birthing an idea, where suffering is inevitable, but winning is the only option because personal success and the advancement of mankind depends on it.


Enrichment Through Experience

Salons were once customary, held to high standards of elegance, and exclusive to those seeking or providing cultural elevation through art, innovation, literature, science and technology. 

We welcome you to join us as we enrich our lives through exclusive experiences that stimulate our advancement, curiosity, vitality and zeal.